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I have written fluff about Chekov and Sulu eating fondue.
It is a sequel to (heh, that sounds so presumptuous, let's go with "inspired by")  [ profile] moonlitelupines's lovely Ship Wars fic Bathed in Red because apparently people falling on the bridge makes me think of fondue?
Idk, dude. Idk.

Rating: PG-13 for kissing and uhh sexy feelings?
Warnings:  Very silly and very unbeta'd.
Word Count: 1122


Miraculously, no one was killed in the Klingon attack, but flocks of injured crewmembers were ferried by shuttlecraft to the nearest starbase, leaving the halls of the Enterprise eerily quiet.

The ship itself needed major repairs. Hikaru had been the one to coax her gently into the spacedock, murmuring come on come on you can do it and doing his best not to stare at the empty seat on his right. After the crisis, Pavel had disappeared down to Engineering, where they needed all the help they could get.

But ten days flew by like ten minutes, and suddenly the repairs were done, Engineering was almost fully staffed, Kirk was cracking jokes about the whole affair, and Hikaru was laughing under his breath and taking the ship to warp seven.

And Pavel was texting him from across the conn, apparently.

I think we should try that date again.

The secret to getting away with this sort of thing was to keep your face straight and your eyes on your console. Oh, and you didn’t say anything that would piss off Nyota, who was technically supposed to keep the subspace channels free of all personal messages, but who was usually willing to bend the rules a bit.

A second message flashed across Hikaru’s screen before he could respond to the first: We can meet in my quarters this time. Or yours, if you prefer.

His toes curled almost involuntarily in his boots, and he bit down on the inside of his cheek to keep from smiling as tapped out a response: You have a one-track mind.

Pavel’s long-fingered hands moved in a flurry over his half of the console.

I only meant we will not be able to get the rec room again at such short notice.

Warmth bloomed under Hikaru’s cheeks. Oh, right.

He snuck a sideways glance across the conn. My room, then? Tonight, 1900 hours?

Pavel turned his head slightly to meet his gaze, and Hikaru did his best not to stare at the curve of his lips. Yes. I will be there.


The doors whooshed open for Pavel at 1900 sharp and he stepped into Hikaru’s quarters carrying a covered metal platter with both hands.

“Look what I ordered from the mess hall!” he exclaimed, his grin so wide and earnest that Hikaru had to struggle to keep from kissing him before he’d lifted the cover.

“Strawberries and chocolate fondue?”

“Yes,” Pavel said, nodding once. “Famous Russian delicacy!”

Hikaru set the platter on his desk and quit struggling. He curled one finger under Pavel’s chin, tipped his head back, and kissed him softly and persistently. He wanted to stretch their second kiss out as long as possible, since the first hadn’t exactly taken place under ideal circumstances.

After a few minutes, though, Pavel pulled away laughing. “Nyet, there will be time for that later.”

“What if there’s another red alert?” Hikaru said. “What if the ship is hit again and the fondue pot falls on us and we get second-degree burns?”

Pavel smiled up at him indulgently. “Improvements have been made to the ship’s artificial gravity generator. If the ship receives another impact of that magnitude, we will not be sent flying again. No fondue burns.”

“We’ll still be needed on the bridge.”

Hikaru.” Pavel drew out his name like a loose thread. “What are the chances of us being attacked again in such a short time?”

They suddenly went still.

Pavel probably meant it to be rhetorical, but the question was out there now. They stared at each other for another moment, and then Hikaru dove across the room for his PADD.

“Do you have an extra stylus?” Pavel asked. Hikaru tossed him one, and for a good twenty-three seconds, they were both silent, scribbling furiously until—

“Two-point-three-four percent,” Pavel said, just as Hikaru announced that it was two-point-three-oh.

Pavel crossed the room and frowned down at Hikaru’s calculations. “You rounded that rather early,” he said accusingly. He put his hands on his hips like he expected Hikaru to apologize for neglecting his significant digits, but all Hikaru could do was wind his fingers through Pavel’s curls and pull him in for another lazy kiss, because Pavel was brilliant and sexy and a chronically adorable nerd.

Nyet, wait,” Pavel murmured, keeping his lips only centimetres from Hikaru’s. “We must try the fondue. It is very romantic, and you told me you like chocolate—”

“I love chocolate,” Hikaru mumbled, nervous energy bubbling through his veins and clouding his thoughts. “But—”

“Excellent,” Pavel said. He took a step back, pressed a finger against Hikaru’s trembling lips, and led him to the desk.

“Sit,” Pavel said.

Hikaru sat.

Pavel skewered a strawberry on the tines of the long thin fondue fork. He dipped it down into the pot of melted chocolate, then gestured for Hikaru to lean forward.

Hikaru only meant to take a bite, but when he obediently opened his mouth, Pavel gave him the whole strawberry. He didn’t complain, though—the fruit was sweeter and more tender than he’d expected, and oh, the chocolate—the chocolate was richer than anything he’d tasted for months, a vast improvement over any of the so-called desserts on his approved meal plan. Pavel must have made some special arrangements.

Pavel grinned. “This was a good idea, no?”

“Great idea,” Hikaru agreed. He wrapped his fingers around one of Pavel’s wrists and was ready to steal another kiss when the intercom unit by his door buzzed.

“Lieutenant Sulu, please report to the arboretum.”

Great. Hikaru groaned, stood up, and let go of Pavel’s wrist to press the button.

“What’s the situation, Lieutenant?” he asked, trying to keep the annoyance out of his voice.

“One of the carnivorous plants took a snap at someone, and the head biologists are still confined to sickbay,” Nyota said. “They need you to assess the situation.”

“I’m on it.”

Hikaru released the button and glanced at Pavel. “I’m sorry,” he said.

“I can wait until you get back,” Pavel said. He shrugged.

Hikaru let out a little sigh and grinned. “You’re the best.”

Pavel smiled faintly, but his eyes had drifted down to Hikaru’s lips.

“You have something here,” he said, and in one quick motion swept the pad of his thumb across Hikaru’s lower lip. Then he raised his thumb to his mouth and let his tongue flicker delicately over the smudge of chocolate there.

Hikaru’s mouth went dry.

“I’ll be right back,” he said, stumbling towards the door. “I promise.”

“I know,” Pavel said, still licking his thumb.

After the doors slid shut, Hikaru had to take a few seconds to steady himself and try very hard to remember how to get to the arboretum.

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