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This has been my fic playground for the past... ooooh, over a week now. It is awesome and although the flow of prompts has slowed down, I highly suggest checking it out if you haven't already, because there is some amazing stuff there :D

And, for my own archiving purposes, here are my fills so far:

1. Glee, Stranger in a Strange Land, rated G
For the prompt "Glee, Mercedes Jones, oh my god, I can't believe it/I've never been this far away from home."

2. Valiant, Orpheus Descending, rated PG-13
For the prompt "Valiant by Holly Black. Val + Ruth or Val/Ruth ; I'll be by your side, believe me." Warning for language.

I kind of want to post this one somewhere else just because fic for these books is so rare, but I don't know of any communities.

3. Star Trek, maybe you could've been something I'd be good at, rated NC-17
For the prompt "Star Trek, Uhura (/Gaila), I'm not unfaithful but I'll stray/When I get a little scared." Warnings for (brief) graphic sexual content, (canon?) character death, and references to slavery.

... This one got long and kind of moved away from the prompt (which includes Tegan and Sara lyrics omggggg). I want to clean it up later and post it to [ profile] where_no_woman, though. It is also the smuttiest thing I have posted ever, anon or signed in, which just shows how vanilla I am.

Also! I think I owe the Internet some flailure over my Star Trek Big Bang fic (or rather, my Star Trek Big Bang outline ah ha ha ha), but that will have to wait for another night, because I want to get some more writing done before bed.

... And after spending twenty minutes tagging this post, perhaps I need a new fic-tagging system. Or a masterpost. Or something.
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